17”x11” Chalkboard. Magnetic Blackboard and Whiteboard sides


Cedar Markers are proud to bring you another fantastic addition to our creative line: our 17x11 wooden frame chalkboard! Our Cedar chalk markers and this chalkboard make the perfect team! The bright colors of our markers really pop and flow effortlessly across the 17x11 writing surface. The black chalkboard background makes the design even more eye-catching! Simply turn the board around and it’s basically a brand- new product: enjoy a white board on the opposite side. This chalkboard offers an elegant twist, with the crisp wooden frame that also allows for quick and effective hanging purposes. The wood makes it adaptable and attractive in any spaces and any walls throughout your home. What will your next design be?

What do you get?

📌EASY SURFACE: Our surfaces are 100 % non-porous, making them super easy to clean and maintain. Whenever you’re ready to change the design, simply wipe away using a baby wipe or water and the board is like new.

📌SLEEK DESIGN: The wooden frame adds an attractive, professional element to the chalkboard a wonderful dimension to any room! We want our products to be easy and enjoyable for everyone to use – that’s why our boards are easy to hang on any surface with twine rope and durable clips.

📌TWO FOR ONE: For the price of one amazing product, you get two! This fabulous board is double-sided, meaning one side is a black sleek chalk board and the other side, a white erasable board! A multi-functional and interchangeable design, makes this product a terrific value!

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