Gel Pens. 200 pcs Set 100 Pens Plus 100 Refills no Color Duplicates

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What’s your mood?! Match your mood with one of our unique gel pens, that come in neon, glitter, classic, glitter neon, pastel and even metallic!

Enjoy an astonishing 100 colors plus 100 refills, so you will never run out of the stunning shades! Gel Pens are a funky addition to all artist’s trunks that can be used for many types of writing and various illustrations.

The tip is an ideal 0.8 - 1.0 mm in size, allowing for versatility in whatever you choose to do. Pick up our Gel Pens when you want to write in your journal, for shading in your adult coloring book, writing lists, or make a special birthday card pop.

Gel Pens make a thoughtful gift to anyone who loves being creative and using color! Our Gel Pens are known for leaving a brilliantly strong and impressive mark on most surfaces.

Cedar Marker’s take pride in each one of our products, so you can look forward to rich ink flowing from each gel pen plus each pen’s longevity is impressive, too!


What do you get?

💜 AMAZING GEL PENS: You’ll never get bored as the options are truly impressive. This gel pen set comes with 100 gel pens that each offer a unique color! Get creative with neon, glitter, classic, glitter neon, pastel and metallic.

💜 LONG LASTING: This set comes with 100 refills so after using your pens a lot, simply insert the refill of your favorite colors to start fresh! Each cartridge is distinctly marked with a unique code that matches the code on the pen cap, allowing you to match up the color refill without any issues!

💜 COMFORTABLE GRIP: When using pens for an extended time, it can cause some pain in your hands! However with Cedar Marker Gel Pens we added a comfortable, padded grip on each pen to aid your hands for endless art!

💜 HIGH QUALITY: Cedar Markers always strives to offer you the best of the best. That’s why our pens are non-toxic and acid free. We use high quality materials so that the pens will never leak and the ink will always flow effortlessly. The tip of the pen is a perfect 0.8-1.0 mm, designed for your creative designs!

💜 CEDAR PROMISES: As always, our gel pens come with a 100 % guarantee. If you’re not happy, we offer you a replacement or refund. A safe and reliable purchase!



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