Q: Do the markers work on every surface?

A: No. Chalk markers work well only on 100% non-porous surfaces. That means that if you want them to erase completely, you cannot use them on porous materials.

Q: How do I erase the chalk markers ink?

A: All you need is a damp cloth or paper towel and you are done.

Q: How do I prime the markers?

A: You can see the priming instruction on the box and pen. You need to first press the tip to relieve pressure, then you need to shake the marker with the cap on and finally you press the tip over a paper for example until you see the ink starting to flow.

Q: What are the tweezers for?

A: Your marker comes with a reversible tip. You have a bullet and a chisel option. The tweezers are there to help you change the direction of the tip without getting ink all over your hands.

Q: Where can I find the changing pad?

A: If you look at the rear side of the bag, you can see a zipper. When you open this zipper you will find the folded, detachable changing pad and a space to store some items.

Q: How many bottles can I fit in the thermal pockets?

A: Usually you can fit there 2 bottles on each side.

Q: Are the dual brush pens that come with the coloring book intended for lettering?

A: Not really. Those pens are for coloring as they are very delicate.

Q: Why do I see bubbles on my chalkboard?

A: Don’t worry your board is perfectly fine. Those bubbles are in the secondary protective layer that we use to ensure that your board won’t get scratched during shipping.

Q: Does the calendar stick to a stainless-steel fridge?

A: It sticks to some of them and for some reason to some not.