Our Foundation

Welcome to Cedar Group LLC website, home of Cedar Markers and Baby Cedar.

Cedar Group LLC was founded in 2016 by parents, who wanted to build a company that focuses on selling products their children can enjoy. We chose the arts and crafts world because it sparks creativity and brings joy to people’s life! We believe humans are inherently creative beings and that is important to indulge this side, every day. With our range of creative and practical products, they can be enjoyed by anyone of all ages. All our products strive to be colorful, bright and high quality to ensure longevity and increase happiness. We added the wonderful Baby Cedar baby products brand to reach like minded parents! Our baby products are designed to last and incorporate the values of family time, decreasing stress with every element of design. All our baby products were designed by parents, for parents - so everything’s been covered with thoughtful love.

Cedar Group was founded shortly after the death of a dear friend, Erez, who we lost to cancer. “Erez” means “Cedar” in Hebrew. He was a beloved father, friend, husband, brother, son and talented craftsman, dedicating his life to the values of hard work and perseverance. He was a good, pure man and he is deeply missed by everyone whose life he touched.

To honor Erez under the values of giving back to the community, we created The Good Cedar Foundation. Some profit from Cedar Group’s purchases are donated to the success of the Good Cedar Foundation. The Good Cedar Foundations mission is aimed at improving cancer research, improving medical services and improving the lives of children who are sick with cancer through thoughtful visits all over the country. The Good Cedar Foundation also values the importance the education and offers scholarships to prospective engineer students.

We are proud to present our wonderful collection f products. Our brand is growing constantly and we would like to offer you to follow us as we grow. Thank you for your continued support in the success of Good Cedar Foundation.