15”x10” Mini Chalkboard Sign with Chain for Kitchen and Wedding Receptions

Looking for your new favorite chalkboard item? Cedar Markers have created you the perfect design that will meet all your needs. Our kitchen chalkboard is durable and strong at 15” x 10” and will stay secure up right! With its vintage wooden frame, this board is very practical and will look great in lots of spaces. The board is designed with a small tray, the perfect size to hold your favorite Cedar maker, in your favorite color.  It even folds easily, for secure storage. Lots of practical uses for this beautiful board.

What do you get?

🍋SLEEK SURFACE: 100 % non-porous surface, making it super simple to draw on! Appropriate for any artist! Easy to clean by using a baby wipe, so you can begin again whenever you please.

🍋NICE DESIGN: The wooden frame adds an attractive, professional element to the chalkboard: a wonderful dimension to any room! Our products are always reliable and made well, using high quality materials! They are built to last.

🍋MANY USES: You can put our chalkboard in many spaces! It’s ideal for bars, restaurants, homes, receptions, garage sale and more! The options are completely limitless.

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