3 Metallic Chalk Markers in spectacular shades

Make your art stand out  with Cedar Markers exciting and unique new colors of Chalk Markers in stunning Rose Gold, Metallic Blue and Metallic purple in our wonderful 3 pack! The ink flows perfectly, comprised of high quality, water based and non toxic Japanese Ink. All you need to do is push, shake, press and paint for the best results!

Each pen is designed with a reversible tip, guaranteed to make your designs as unique as you. Easily switch between chisel and bullet tips, simple to change with the use of our complimentary tweezers included in each pack to reduce any mess. These pens look flawless on any non-porous surfaces such as chalkboards, plastic, metal, windows or mirrors! What are you waiting for?!


What do you get?

💥💥SHADES LIKE NO OTHERS! Our special three pack offers one of a kind shades of Rose Gold, Metallic Blue and Metallic Purple sure to make your art extraordinary. Each pen is meticulously made with high quality and long lasting ink!

💥💥CREATIVE CANVAS! Chalk Markers are suitable for designs on any non - porous surfaces! This means you can create on canvases such as Menu Boards, Chalkboard Labels, Chalkboard Paper, Bistro Boards, House Windows, Car Windows, Glossy Boards, Mirrors, Plastic, Metal and more. It is always recommended to test on a small area of surface before completely covering a surface, to ensure it is suitable .

💥💥NO MESS! When used on recommended surfaces, Cedar Marker’s Chalk Markers are easy to clean, simply requires a damp cloth or baby wipe. Due to the metallic nature of these markers, we advise the use of a dry towel as well. With our complimentary tweezers for changing marker tips, this allow you to change the tip of the markers without getting ink anywhere!

💥💥YAY! These markers are multi-functional! Cedar Markers offers a unique feature, unlike any other marker! Each marker is comprised of a reversible tip, which are easily changed between bullet or chisel - no art is ever the same!

💥💥NO WORRIES! With a purchase of our markers, its a safe purchase. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee with every purchase.

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