DUAL TIP MARKERS. 21 Calligraphy Pen Set with Free Hand Lettering Guide Book

It doesn't matter if you are a professional artist or an aspiring one, this latest set from Cedar Markers is the best one for you! To help you become outstanding at the art of lettering and calligraphy, we’ve created the best book to teach you!

We enlisted the help of one of the finest lettering artists in the world, the famous WINTERBIRD, to create an exclusive guide available only with Cedar Markers, that will assist you step by step on your journey to amazing lettering art.

Each set consists of a beautiful array of 20 distinct colors and a unique blending pen to discover new shades! Every pen has a personalized numeric code allowing you to distinguish between all the colors with ease. For added creativity, every pen comes with two individual tips: a fine line and a brush. This cool feature lets you switch between using brush strokes and pin point art. This exciting set really goes above and beyond all the others!


What do you get?


🎨 DUAL BRUSHES – Options are important while you are perfecting the beauty of lettering and calligraphy!  That is why each pen in this set offers two impressive tips: a fine liner or brush tip, which you can switch between effortlessly, increasing your creative options! Every pen is crafted with a durable nylon fiber to ensure longevity of each delicate tip.

 🎨 CRAFTY COLOURS – Each set includes 20 uniquely dazzling colors, never with any repeats! To help you recall your favorite shades, each pen is complimented with a numerical code to distinguish with ease. When you’re feeling extra imaginative, use our neat mixer pen to compose your own original shade!

 🎨 FREE LETTERING PRACTICE AND GUIDEBOOK – We collaborated with the incredible artist WINTERBIRD, who designed and created a FREE guidebook, “THE BASIC OF BRUSH LETTERING” available only for Cedar Markers® customers. This helpful book was inspired and designed using Cedar Marker’s calligraphy pens, to help you become a pro in no time! Yours completely FREE! The book contains 63 pages of explanatory facts and practice sheets of brush lettering. You will learn how to:

  • Write the letterer Alphabet
  • Connecting letters into words
  • Adding beautiful swirls
  • Make shading and blending techniques
  • Create watercolor background
  • Making a complete calligraphy or lettering artwork from start to finish

 🎨 FAMILY FRIENDLY – Made with 100 % safe materials, these pens are safe around children. Our pens are designed with water-based ink that is certified nontoxic and acid free!

 🎨 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Our reliable customer service will offer a suitable solution or receive 100% money back! Always a safe purchase with Cedar Markers.


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