Liquid Chalk Markers. 4 White Pack with Free 16 Chalkboard Labels

A wonderful and innovative product: Cedar Markers bring you our white liquid chalk markers. We use high quality, strong Japanese ink which provides stunningly bright color, every time you use them. The uses for these pens are infinite! Use them on menu boards, mirrors, metal, bistro boards and more. Allows for endless creativity. One of the best features of our pens is the reversible tip! You can use either bullet or chisel tip to create a different style every use. Cedar Markers uses advanced, well-built lids, designed to save the tip of the marker from ever getting damaged.


What do you get?

💭 PRETTY HUES:  Cedar Markers liquid chalk markers uses bright Japanese ink that brings zest canvases to life. The lovely white color will spark your creativity as you design your world in a snowy white bliss. As a 4 pack, you can keep your pens at many locations for use!

💭 ONLY AT CEDAR MARKER - We are the first and only company to offer you a complimentary set of tweezers, so you can change the tip of the markers, without making any kind of mess! Simply take the marker tip out, reverse it – and return it. Easy enough for anyone!

💭 EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: All these markers need to be cleaned is a baby wipe! They’re fun and easy to use, with the lovely ink flowing beautifully on different surfaces!

💭 MADE TO LAST: We use extremely high-quality materials, including a new and improved lid for your markers, to avoid the tip of the marker from getting any damage. Our products are made to last.

💭 BRIGHTENS UP BOARDS: Our markers look stunning on 100% non-porous surfaces! Ideal for Menu Boards, Chalkboard Labels, Chalkboard Paper, Bistro Boards, House Windows, Car Windows, Glossy Boards, Mirrors, Plastic, Metal and more! Always keep in mind that some chalkboards may not be suitable for our product. We recommend trying them on a small section first, to ensure no staining.

💭 GIVEAWAY: When you order out 4 pack of markers, you will receive a complimentary BONUS of 16 chalkboard labels, on us!

💭 CEDAR MARKER PROMISES: These markers are dust free and a green product. Approved by American and European quality institutes!

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